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Got a Case of the Mondays? This Video of Shaquille O’Neal Singing Bon Jovi Should Clear That Right Up

Maybe it’s not as good as Kazaam, but it’s close!

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ProgPower USA XV Interviews: LEPROUS Talks New Album, Dream Journals, Emperor

As of this day, the boys of the truly progressive act Leprous have finished their North American tour and will be moving on to Euroblast and a string of dates in the UK. Their set at ProgPower USA XV on September 12th was to be the first of these dates, the last of which are to be in support of their last album, ?Coal.? Sitting down with the guys o… Read More/Discuss on Metal Underground.com

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At The Gates – Streaming New Song

Hold on to your seats folks because At The Gates are finally letting us listen to a track off their upcoming album At War With Reality. Remember that they haven’t released an album since 1995’s Slaughter Of The Soul. What are you waiting for? Stream the melodic death metallers’ new album title track “At War With Reality” right here right now on the video below. Tell us what you think about the song. Is it a good start? Read more…

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METALNEWZ REVIEWS: Decapitated – Blood Mantra



Album: Blood Mantra

Release Date: Sept. 26 (EU), Sept. 29 (UK), and Sept. 30, 2014 (US)

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

01. Exiled In Flesh
02. The Blasphemous Psalm To The Dummy God Creation
03. Veins
04. Blood Mantra
05. Nest
06. Instinct
07. Blindness
08. Red Sun
09. Moth Defect

REVIEW:  Decapitated are at it again with their latest album titled “Blood Mantra”.  While one could easily rant and compare this to their older releases, I feel that would be unfair for a review.

Studio Diary Pt. I For New Album “Dawn Of The 5th Era” Posted By Mors Principium Est

Finnish melodic death metal act Mors Principium Est, now featuring Agressor guitarist Kevin Verlay who joined this year, released part one in a studio diary series chronicling the band’s upcoming new fifth studio release “Dawn of the 5th Era.” The album is set to drop on December 5th via AFM Records.

The track listing for the album is:

1. Ent… Read More/Discuss on Metal Underground.com

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Find of the Week: Get this Steinberger GL7TA for Roughly the Price of a Tesla Model S

Okay, look, I admit that I don’t know much about Steinberger guitars because I don’t like the way they look. I also think Strandbergs are kind of funny looking and couldn’t imagine playing one despite how everyone tells me that they feel and sound amazing. And by the way, what is it with not having a headstock when your company name resembles S-Berg? Maybe this is a very nice guitar. Like, sensuous to the touch. But holy shitting hell I could not imagine spending over $100,000 on a kidney, much less a musical instrument.

So behold, the $114,500 buy it now price on this eBay auction. I guess he offers the $500 discount because a full $115k would just be unreasonable.

Someone clue me in here: is this dude just trolling us? I’ve seen some forums where similar models had an asking price of well over $10k, but never this high. I’m aware that Ned Steinberger sold the shop to Gibson in the late 80s and the line was shuttered shortly afterwards, so it stands to reason that they’re be a demand for an instrument that looks like… that. Maybe you cover Alan Holdsworth and Tribal Tech songs? Good for you. But for fuck’s sake just get a Strandberg and drop the rest of that cash on a shiny electric car.

Want to see this most expensive of all guitars in action? Well then, you’re in luck, because the seller posted this video clip. He busts out the riff to “Panama” about a minute in, because of course he does.

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New Album “Crisis Cult” Announced By Voices Of Destiny, Teaser Clip Available

German symphonic metal act Voices of Destiny announced that the upcoming third full length studio effort will be entitled “Crisis Cult.” The album will be issued on October 24, 2014 via Massacre Records. The album is the first to feature drummer Klaus Ackermann, who joined in 2012 following the release of the last LP “Power Dive,” and new vocalist … Read More/Discuss on Metal Underground.com

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