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ONSLAUGHT Featuring Ex-ANTHRAX Singer NEIL TURBIN: Footage Of Brooklyn Concert

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Fan-filmed video footage of British thrashers ONSLAUGHT performing on October 23 at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, New York can be seen below.

As previously reported, ONSLAUGHT vocalist Sy Keeler sitting out the band’s “Thrash Invasion Tour 2014″ of the U.S., Canada and South America due to health issues with his son. He is being replaced for the duration of the trek by former ANTHRAX singer Neil Turbin.

Said Keeler: “I know you are going to be disappointed with my decision as am I, but I sincerely hope you can understand our situation.

“My reason for this is the ongoing health issues with my son, who has been suffering with a debilitating illness for some time. He is still on a downward path with no sign of any recovery on the horizon. Therefore, to be away for two months will put a lot of pressure on the family and increased anxiety on my son. We also have regular visits to specialists coming up during the next six months. Therefore, at this time, I am having to think of my family first and sadly I am unable to be away in the Americas for the duration intended.”

Added ONSLAUGHT guitarist Nige Rockett: “We’re extremely gutted that Sy cannot make this tour and, of course, we wish Sy‘s family all the best in this difficult time. We are positive things will improve in the very near future and look forward to having Sy with us back real soon.

“It was a really tough decision for us to make also, but Sy was very supportive that we take out a replacement vocalist to make this tour happen.

“So much work had already been carried out by our management / booking agents / promoters behind the scenes, it would have been unfair to let our team down, the other bands down and, most importantly, not to let our fans down.

“On a positive note, it’s gonna be awesome to have Neil Turbin on board for the tou. For me, he’s always been one of the best thrash metal vocalists out there, no question. His work on the ANTHRAX album ‘Fistful Of Metal’ was simply amazing, and I believe he’s one of the only guys in the genre who could step into Sy‘s shoes. I think it brings a unique edge to this tour and I’m sure the fans will really dig what they hear.”

ONSLAUGHT‘s sixth album, “VI”, was released on September 20, 2013 via AFM Records. The follow-up to 2011’s “Sounds Of Violence” was mixed by Thomas “Plec” Johansson (TIAMAT, SCAR SYMMETRY) at Panic Room studios in Skara, Sweden.


Atomikylä – Erkale (2014)

Perhaps it was inevitable. Both bands are major psychedelic innovators. Both of them were selected to play at Roadburn Festival in 2012. And both of them heavily promoted each other’s most recent albums. Now, this level of brotherhood between Oranssi Pazuzu and Dark Buddha Rising has reached a new level, with a full blown collaborative project spawning in the form of Atomikylä. Strap on your oxygen tanks, comrades, for this is one that can wreck even the most seasoned of psychonauts if they’re not careful. Read more…


SNOT Recruits VITIATE Frontman CARL BENSLEY For Upcoming Tour

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Reunited legendary Santa Barbara metal/punk rock hybrid SNOT has tapped Carl Bensley (VITIATE, CONSUME THE FIRE) to sing for the band following the recent departure of Tommy “Vext” Cummings (ex-DIVINE HERESY). SNOT guitarist Mikey Doling says: “[Carl] is an incredible monster vocalist and great dude. [We're] very excited to rock with him.”

SNOT‘s U.S. tour, during which the band will perform its classic “Get Some” album in its entirety, is scheduled to kick off on November 28 in Palm Desert, California and wrap up on December 23 in Pomona, California.

Doling says of the upcoming trek: “I want to let you know we are ready to rock out as hard as humanly possible with all you SNOT heads around the world on our first world tour. I hope you’re ready, ’cause we have a ton of massive energy to bring to you.

SNOT is something special to us.

“We will enjoy playing our debut and only record, ‘Get Some’, in its entirety for you live for all you die hard SNOT heads!

“Say something for the record tell the people what you feel!!”

SNOT played its first show in five years on February 11 at the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, California.

Cummings fronted SNOT in 2008-2009 before he and guitarist Sonny Mayo exited the group amid “strained relationships.”

SNOT disbanded in 1998 following the death of the group’s lead singer, Lynn Strait. Lynn died in a car accident in December 1998, putting an end to a career that generated considerable promise but only one studio album, the 1997 Geffen Records release “Get Some”. Also killed was the band’s mascot Dobbs, Strait‘s dog who adorned the cover of SNOT‘s debut album. The band had been writing material for its sophomore CD and had completed 10 songs at the time of Strait‘s tragic passing. As a memorial to Strait, SNOT eventually decided to release those tracks, with lyrics and guest vocals provided by a host of stars from the alt-metal community. The resulting album, “Strait Up”, was a fitting tribute from Strait‘s peers and friends, featuring members of LIMP BIZKIT, KORN, SLIPKNOT, SEVENDUST, (HED) P.E., COAL CHAMBER, SUGAR RAY, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, SOULFLY, and more.


OZZY OSBOURNE Says ‘The Osbournes’ TV Show Was ‘A Good Idea’ That ‘Went Wildly Out Of Control’

Ozzy Osbourne says that the MTV reality show “The Osbournes”, which followed the lives of the BLACK SABBATH singer and his family, was “a good idea” that “went wildly out of control.”

The “fly-on-the-wall” TV series, which became the highest rated original program in MTV‘s history, started in 2002 and ended in 2005. The show chronicled Sharon Osbourne‘s battle with cancer, as well as younger children Kelly and Jack Osbourne‘s stints in rehabilitation for drug and alcohol abuse.

“The Osbournes” was credited with being the first show where cameras followed celebrities around and led to a number of copycats like A&E‘s “Gene Simmons Family Jewels”, which followed the life of KISS bassist Gene Simmons and his family, and A&E‘s “Growing Up Twisted”, about the family of TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider.

Speaking to The Times-Picayune, Ozzy said about “The Osbournes”: “It was a TV show, which was a good idea that went fucking out of control.

“The No. 1 mistake I made was having it filmed in the house I lived in, instead of a reproduction in a studio where I could go every day and come home. You have camera crews living in your garage 24/7 for three years; anybody would go fucking crazy at the end of it.”

He added: “Nobody could have predicted what was going to happen with it. It started off with ‘Cribs’. MTV said a load of people wanted a rerun, asking for it to be shown again and again. Somebody said, ‘Why don’t you do an extended version of ‘Cribs’?’ It was like, ‘We can do that.’ But then it went wildly out of control.”

In a 2012 interview, Sharon stated about “The Osbournes”: “Our lives were never the same again. Everybody’s grown up with Ozzy, everybody loves Ozzy, but for us we were a family. You know, we weren’t in the public eye at all, and it changed our lives so much.”

In “The Osbournes”, the legendary singer would often be seen running on a treadmill and getting fit. But he told The Daily Record back in 2009 that it was all a charade. Once the cameras stopped rolling, Ozzy, supposedly a recovering alcoholic, would go to a room and get stoned.

Sharon said: “As Ozzy will tell you, the three years that we were filming, Ozzy was stoned the whole time. He wasn’t sober for one day.”

Ozzy revealed: “When the filming ended, I’d go in my little bunker and smoke a pipe and drink about a case of beer every day.

“I’d give myself some goodness and get up early in the morning and go jogging for six miles.”

Ozzy admitted he couldn’t watch the show — because it’s obvious by his body language in front of camera that he didn’t know what time of day it was.

He said: “I used to do a lot of prescription drugs as well.”


Stream Knotfest now!

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If you need your metal fix this weekend – and you know you do, then you have no better place to look than the livestream of Knotfest!

With the likes OTEP, Carcass, Testament and of course the KNOT themselves playing throughout the rest of today – there is an eclectic mix of metal to smash your face to!

Stream Knotfest here!

Check out the schedule for the rest of the weekend here.


Saturday To Fall Down

I’ve fallen and I can’t get down…

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FATES WARNING Singer Blames Band’s ‘Lackadaisical’ Attitude For Lack Of DREAM THEATER-Level Commercial Success

FATES WARNING singer Ray Alder believes that the group’s “lackadaisical” attitude towards recording and touring was was what ultimates cost him and his bandmates the kind of sustained commercial success that is enjoyed by DREAM THEATER, a band that many consider to be the premier progressive metal outfit in the world.

Formed in 1982 by vocalist John Arch, guitarists Jim Matheos and Victor Arduini, bassist Joe DiBiase, and drummer Steve Zimmerman in Hartford, Connecticut, FATES WARNING went through a number of lineup changes in its 30-year-plus career while releasing eleven studio albums, two live albums, one compilation album, one VHS, three DVDs (each of them features live concerts) and four demo tapes. The band experienced major American commercial success with the 1986 release of their third studio album, “Awaken The Guardian”, which peaked at No. 191 on The Billboard 200 chart and became the first LP released on Metal Blade to enter that chart. Their next three albums, “No Exit” (1988), “Perfect Symmetry” (1989) and “Parallels” (1991), were also successful; the first two peaked at No. 111 and No. 141 on the Billboard 200, respectively.

Asked by Brazil’s “Wikimetal” what he thinks about former DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy saying DREAM THEATER often gets mistakenly credited for creating a genre that FATES WARNING launched years earlier, Alder said: “I get asked that a lot.” He continued: “It’s funny. They changed everything a lot, DREAM THEATER. They’re amazing, amazing musicians, and I’m very happy that they have all the success they have. But their formula was much better than ours. You know, we would do an album and do a tour, and then we’d stop for a couple of years, or four years, and we’d another album and tour. They had the right idea — do an album, tour, do an album, tour, do an album tour — and they built their fan base by being there all the time. And the lack of us touring and putting albums out, it certainly hurt us a bit as far as fans [are concerned]. You know, we [release albums and play to] our fans that are there, and then we’re not there anymore, so they move on to something else. I think a lot of it is our fault for being a bit lackadaisical in our performance and writing and things like that… Well, not in our performance — we definitely give everything we have when we play live — but I think that’s probably one of the things.”

Alder added: “But it doesn’t bother me at all [that DREAM THEATER gets that kind of credit]. I mean, again, I wish them all the luck in the world, and it seems like they have it. [Laughs]”

In a 2009 interview with The Mooreatorium, former FATES WARNING drummer Mark Zonder was asked what he would say to those who credit the band with defining the progressive metal genre. “I think ‘Eye To Eye’ and ‘Monument’ are pretty close to perfect songs,” Mark replied. “That is a very nice compliment, but it would have been nice for the band to progress and become a bit more successful in the commercial sense. I think that would have helped things along instead of us always sort of struggling with good tours, etc.”

FATES WARNING‘s eleventh studio album, “Darkness In A Different Light”, sold around 2,700 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD was issued in North America on October 1, 2013 via InsideOut Music.

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