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QUEENSRŸCHE: Fan-Filmed Video Footage Of FARM ROCK Performance


Fan-filmed video footage of QUEENSRŸCHE‘s August 31 performance at Farm Rock in Wauconda, Illinois can be seen below (courtesy of YouTube user “Ron Davis”).

In a recent interview with Pop-Break.com, QUEENSRŸCHE drummer Scott Rockenfield was asked how the band managed to stay positive and successfully bounce back from spending much of the past two years embroiled in a legal battle with the group’s former singer, Geoff Tate, over the rights to the QUEENSRŸCHE name. “The conflict started years ago, but prior to it, when we were all still working together in the ‘old band,’ so to speak… we had been in a dark place for a long time,” he said. “It wasn’t going well, the years were stacking up on us, we weren’t making the music that we were passionate about and were being forced to do a lot of things that we didn’t want to do. We weren’t being allowed to play all of the music that we wanted to play live, and to give our fans what we thought was important. The darker the hole we kept falling into, the faster we wanted to get out of it. That’s what happens, you kind of hit the bottom of a hole, and there’s only one way to go: up and out of there. I guess my point with all of that is rolling forward to the present right now and what we’ve had to go through the past couple of years… it was a huge defining moment, you know? In the end, it was exactly what we needed to do and now we just feel so good about where we’re at. It was meant to be; it was the right decision. We’re happier, the fans are happier, they’re certainly enjoying the music we play live, and have certainly given us great feedback on the record we put out last year. So overall, everything worked out really well. The morale, for us, just kind of became perfect. I mean, the second we transitioned and got Todd [La Torre, vocals] in the band, the morale just went through the roof for us, you know? There was no weird dark clouds for us, and we just don’t have that anymore. We’re really close to each other. We have the same common interests, we’re energetic, and we’re happy! We’re all working together as a team, and it’s not just one person saying, ‘you have to do it like this,’ it’s all of us making the decisions together and making the music together. Long story short: the morale is really high, we’re having a great time, and we all really know what we want to do and why we want to do it. I think that’s why the fans like what we’re doing now — they can see that we’re happy and that we’re being honest again.”

Scott also spoke about what fans can expect to hear on QUEENSRŸCHE‘s follow-up to last year’s self-titled album, tentatively due in early 2015 via Century Media. “Our old sound was kind of our thing, and I think we just found what QUEENSRŸCHE was good at, and we really wanted to do that [on 'Queensrÿche']. I think it really bought us back to the essence of some of that old material that we did together. It was honest material, and I think that record was one of the most honest records we’ve made. It really shows just ‘us’ all around, and our fans’ response and the press’s response… people all over the world listened was happy, and it was quite overwhelming! So, I think it’s a great thing, for us to find that. As for what’s coming next, I don’t really have a defined answer for you because we never really know. We tend to not really define it until it’s done, but we’ve been working on it quite a bit, so it will soon kind of lay itself out. But it’s going to be us… it’s just going to be us. It’s gonna be what we do in the best fashion possible. I think you can say that there will be a lot of the elements from the last record in it. The energy and the chemistry and the honesty and the unity… all of that stuff will be in it, and hopefully the icing on the cake will be that we wrote really great songs and people enjoy what they listen to. I don’t think they’re not going to, to be honest. We’re really good salesmen now because we feel so good about it! [laughs] Now we just have to do it! I think we’ll have it done within the next four to six months, after we get through putting it all together and stuff. It’s a great blessing, and it’s really a lot of fun for us.”

QUEENSRŸCHE‘s self-titled album sold around 13,500 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 23 on The Billboard 200 chart. The record arrived in stores on June 25, 2013 via Century Media Records.

“Queensrÿche” marked the debut release from the lineup comprised of La Torre (vocals; ex-CRIMSON GLORY), Michael Wilton (guitar), Parker Lundgren (guitar), Eddie Jackson (bass) and Scott Rockenfield (drums).

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Heretic Soul – Unleash New Video

Turkish death metallers Heretic Soul have released a brand new official music video for the track “Nihilistic Attitude”, a title track off the band’s same-titled album, released back in October, 2013 via PRC Music. The video clip is available for viewing through the YouTube down below. Read more…

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Desecravity – New Album Tracklist Revealed

Japanese death metallers Desecravity have unveiled the tracklist for their forthcoming second album. Orphic Signs is due out on November 15th via Willowtip Records. According to the band, you can expect really tech, fast and brutal songs. Read more…

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Mors Principium Est – To Release New Album

Finns Mors Principium Est are pleased to announce the release of their fifth studio album, to be entitled Dawn Of The 5th Era. These represenatives of gothenburg metal scene have set November 19th (Japan) and December 5th (Europe) as the official release dates of this upcoming new effort. More details can be expected soon. Read more…

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The Order of Israfel – Wisdom Review

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In a month where Pallbearer dropped an irresistible doom monstrosity on us, an unheralded act is quietly sneaking out a release that could easily slip through the cracks and escape notice unfairly. The Order of Israfel is a project put together by Tom Sutton (Church of Misery) and Patrik Andersson Winberg (Doomdogs) and their Wisdom debut is an addictive fusion of classic Sabbathian doom, 70s hard rock, The Obsessed and the Cathedral school of mega heavy riffs. While this kind of thing has been done in various forms before, the music here is well conceived and executed, loaded with memorable moments and a few huge barnburners. It’s also a fairly diverse platter, with a plethora of styles all managing to sit comfortable alongside each other in a way that keeps the listener guessing, but engaged. While it’s far from flawless and there are some bumps, it’s one of the more interesting doom albums I’ve heard this year.

They play it coy on the lengthy opening title track, opting to show only a few of their cards in what is a pretty straight forward mixture of standard doom with weighty riffs and chanty, Ozzy-esque singing. It doesn’t break any barriers, but it’s a rock solid doom tune with some wickedly jamming guitar work, searing leads and enough tempo shifts to keep the listener on task. If this was all they were about, they would be yet another competent doom act without distinction, but as “The Black Wings a Demon” quickly demonstrates, they aren’t a one trick pony. This one is gloriously raucous power rock with minor doom undercurrents, not far removed from acts like Fireball Ministry, Superchrist and Orange Goblin. It’s a riotously good time and makes me want to swig cheap booze and toss someone through a window.

The rest of the album lurches back and forth between these two extremes, with “Nocturnus” sounding like a cross between Cathrdral and Saint Vitus as it lumbers and plods with class and loads of character and you can’t beat lines like “he had the eyes of a rat and the wings of a bat, so whatcha think about that?” Elsewhere, “The Earth Will Deliver What Heaven Desires” is a weird mix of doom and hippie rock like Hexvessel, full of chanting, 60s acoustic rock and psychedelic riffing. It’s oddly effective, emotional and definitely beyond what most doom band attempt.

The Order of Israfel_2014

The album’s back-end is loaded down with super long epics like “Promises Made to the Earth,” which at 15 minutes will push anyone’s attention span. Thankfully they stir in some different elements and incorporate groovy, highly tasteful guitar work on the back end that staves off moss peeping and shoe gazery (barely). Better is the more up-tempo and rollicking “Morning Sun” where the band revels in their loose jams and trippy solos like vintage Cathedral.

Downsides? There are a few. As good as the writing and playing can be, a lot of these songs suffer from chronic Metallica-itis and there is no self editing to be found. With songs hitting the 9 and 15 minute marks, trimming obviously could have been done without hurting the songs (especially “Promises Made to the Earth”). Also, the extended reading of the Satanic Bible, Necronomicon or whatever during “The Vow” goes on too long and reaches the point where it loses it’s eerie, sacrilicious impact. I also would’ve loved more supercharged tunes like “The Black Wings a Demon.”

The individual performances here are worth noting. Tom Sutton’s vocals are quite effective, ranging from a droning Count Raven-esque approach, to biker rock bellows and every stop in-between. Imagine a young Ozzy with a slightly more intimidating voice and you’re right there. The riffs from Sutton and Staffan Bjorck walk the line between 60s and 70s rock and standard doom weightiness, and the solos and myriad of acoustic and electric jams are highly enjoyable. They get the biggest props for adding some much needed diversity to a genre perpetually in danger of becoming a snoozefest.

The album’s sound belies it’s DR 6 rating and I was rather shocked it scored that low. It has a pretty warm, open feeling and I have no issues with the mix. The guitars have enormous eight and the backline gives things a suitably deep, low-end rumble.

I’d love to hear more from these guys, and I hope they dial up the rock and groove jamming aspect next time around. They have the talent and template to carve out a unique niche in the doom genre, if they seize the opportunity. In the meantime, this may make Cathedral fans feels less lonely in these dark times of no Dorrian.

Rating: 3.5/4.0
DR: 6 | Format Reviewed: 320 kbps MP3
Label: Napalm Records
Websites: theorderofisrafel.com | facebook.com/TheOrderOfIsrafel?fref=ts
Release Dates: EU: 2014.08.29 | NA: 09.09.2014

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ACCEPT – “Blind Rage” enter the Recording

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The new ACCEPT album “Blind Rage” is an international success, having just debuted on the World Charts at #14 – the highest ever World Chart placing in the band’s 30 year history.

Tickets for the upcoming 2014 “Blind Rage World Tour” are quickly selling out too. Two weeks before the international release of “Blind Rage”, ACCEPT headlined shows, playing to audiences of 80,000 at Wacken 2014 and 750,000 at Woodstock Festival. These shows fired up the fans to buy “Blind Rage” and comfortably placed the band at #1 on the charts in both Germany and Finland, the top 10 in many other countries and #35 on the Billboard Top 200 in the US. The 2014 world tour kicks off with some very special US shows starting September 11th in California. The “Blind Rage World Tour” will pay special tribute to the tracks from the new album. Tickets and tour dates are available at www.acceptworldwide.com/tour/.

See below for the global chart entries:
World Charts # 14
Germany #1
Finland #1
Czech Republic #2
Hungary #2
Switzerland #9
Sweden #16
Sweden Rock/Metal #2
Austria #18
Norway #19
Japan #22
US #35
US Rock #4
Spain #39
France #44
Belgium #48
UK #85
UK Rock #9
UK Indie #15
Canada Top 200 #114
Canada (Hardcharts) #21

Statement Markus Staiger / Owner / Nuclear Blast:
“We are proud and thankful to be part of ACCEPTs rebirth in 2010. With a number one position in the German Charts they climbed the to the top of Mt. Olympus.
This is the reward of the consequent hard work of the band, their manager Gaby Hoffmann and Deville Schober and the whole Nuclear Blast team – together we stand strong!”

Statement ACCEPT:
“Four years ago we decided to start ACCEPT anew. Of course we hoped to reach the fans of Heavy Metal and leave a few more marks in its history. None of us would have
thought that we could reach number one in the official German Charts. We would like to thank our team, our label partner Nuclear Blast, Warner Distribution and
Brainstorm Music Marketing, all of who gave us enormous strength and the will to continue in order to make this happen.”

What started in the mid seventies as a worldwide trademark, maintained its status for over three decades.

ACCEPT is a phenomenon.

The German Music industry invests Millions of Euro every year to build up new acts. If you include the budgets for artist finding and development the funding is higher than any other, even higher than the development and research budgets of the automobile industry or the pharmacy industry. (Source IFPI). Still only a vanishingly low amount of German artists manage to be internationally successful.
ACCEPT is an inherent part of the international market, ranks among the biggest music exports from Germany and has influenced many innumerable bands both nationally and internationally.
The release of their new album “Blind Rage” was on the cover of the most influential Rock magazines, anywhere from Brazil to Sweden. Adequate to the resonance is the upcoming tour: Beginning this Fall ACCEPT will be touring the US, Asia, Australia and Europe for the fourth time. ACCEPT was a celebrated headliner at the biggest Heavy Metal Festival in existence, WACKEN OPEN AIR, as well as the WOODSTOCK Festival in Poland, that broke every record with more than 750.000 visitors from every subculture and genre.
The history of ACCEPT is even more unique: there are no drug scandals, no alcohol problems, no sexcapades, nothing for the boulevard press to write about – their personal history is as clean as the water from the mountains. The music stands alone and all for itself. An ACCEPT concert is a storm of Heavy Metal that lasts for hours, the real force of Rock’n'Roll, where the art of the music is the only thing that counts.
ACCEPT was never, in the whole history, influenced by any musical trends or marketing orientated actions, there were no artificial radio singles or fictional media stories, no multimedia show with LED – screens.
In the words of the online platform from N.TV: “ACCEPT is recreating the spirit of the 80ies without losing the power and the driving force behind it. The art of staying true to oneself without being repetitive pays of, and has so for years.

In the modern era of one hit wonders, fast pace trends, V.I.P. news, the fanatic obsession for scandals, ACCEPTs down to earth way is the true secret behind their success. True to the roots!

Beginning of September ACCEPT kicks off their extensive world tour. The dates are the following:
11-Sep-2014 Solana Beach (US), Belly Up Tavern
12-Sep-2014 Beverly Hills (US), Saban Theatre
13-Sep-2014 Las Vegas (US), Count’s Vamp
15-Sep-2014 New York (US), The Gramercy Theatre
19-Sep-2014 Copenhagen (DK), Amager Bio
20-Sep-2014 Linkoeping (SE), Garden
21-Sep-2014 Gothenburg (SE), Traedgarn
24-Sep-2014 Seinaejoki (FI), Rytmikotjaamo
26-Sep-2014 Tornio (FI), Torunda
27-Sep-2014 Tampere (FI), Pakkahuone
28-Sep-2014 Helsinki (FI), The Circus
30-Sep-2014 Stockholm (SE), Debaser Medis
01-Oct-2014 Oslo (NO), Rockefeller
03-Oct-2014 Karlstad (SE), Nöjesfabriken
04-Oct-2014 Hamburg (DE), Docks
05-Oct-2014 Osnabruck (DE), Hyde Park
07-Oct-2014 Antwerp (BE), Trix
08-Oct-2014 Paris (FR), Bataclan
10-Oct-2014 Pamplona (ES), Totem
11-Oct-2014 Madrid (ES), Riviera
12-Oct-2014 Barcelona (ES), Razzmatazz 1
14-Oct-2014 Toulouse (FR), Bikini
16-Oct-2014 Straßbourg (FR), La Laiterie
17-Oct-2014 Milano (IT), Live Club
18-Oct-2014 Munich (DE), Tonhalle
20-Oct-2014 Frankfurt (DE), Neue Stadthalle
21-Oct-2014 Berlin (DE), Huxleys
22-Oct-2014 Cologne (DE), Live Music Hall
24-Oct-2014 Erfurt (DE), Stadtgarten
25-Oct-2014 Zlin (CZ), Euronics
26-Oct-2014 Budapest (HU), Petöfi Hall
28-Oct-2014 Pratteln (CH), Z7
29-Oct-2014 Filderstadt (DE), Filharmonie
07-Nov-2014 Hiroshima (JP), Club Quattro
09-Nov-2014 Osaka (JP), Umeda Club Quattro
10-Nov-2014 Nagoya (JP), Bottom Line
11-Nov-2014 Tokyo (JP), EX Theater Roppongi
14-Nov-2014 Sydney (AU), Factory Theatre
15-Nov-2014 Melbourne (AU), The Corner Hotel
16-Nov-2014 Brisbane (AU), The Hi Fi
27-Nov-2014 London (GB), Forum
30-Nov-2014 Moscow (RU), Stadium Live

From:: http://www.nuclearblast.com/en/music/news/details/3556070.accept-blind-rage-enter-the-recording.html

Mors Principium Est – To Release New Album

Finns Mors Principium Est are pleased to announce the release of their fifth studio album, to be entitled Dawn Of The 5th Era. These represenatives of gothenburg metal scene have set November 19th (Japan) and December 5th (Europe) as the official release dates of this upcoming new effort. More details can be expected soon. Read more…

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