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Gear Fail Stories With Crowbar, Mutoid Man, Havok, and More

Have you ever had an amplifier blow up on you? A guitar string break mid-solo? A pedalboard short-circuit? A rabid fan jump onstage and grab the headstock of your guitar, and turn every single tuning peg?

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that technological meltdowns happen frequently to bands who tour frequently, so we asked members of Crowbar, Mutoid Man, Paradise Lost, Havok, Vattnet Viskar, Myrkur, Wild Throne, and more, to share some of their personal worst stories of gear failure.

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Starting Today: Live Stream Select Performances from Wacken Open Air!

Isn’t technology great?

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The Antichrist Imperium – The Antichrist Imperium Review

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The past couple of years have been good to Akercocke fans. Though that entity is sadly dead and buried, the magnificent Voices emerged from its grave, releasing an excellent debut in 2013 as well as last year’s near-masterpiece London. But Voices wasn’t the only thing to slither from Akercocke‘s rotten cadaver: The Antichrist Imperium dropped like a leprous limb1 from Akercocke‘s dying body when guitarist Matt Wilcox (also formerly of The Berzerker) left in 2010.

Five years later and Matt, along with fellow former Akercocke/current Voices sticksman David Gray, have finally found the time to record The Antichrist Imperium‘s much anticipated debut. With Voices‘ Sam Loynes and former The Berzerker bassist/growler Sam Bean lending their vocal talents, they certainly have the pedigree to produce something special. Furthermore, the press release suggests that The Antichrist Imperium is largely made up of ideas that were intended for the sixth Akercocke album that sadly never saw the light of day. Could this be the Akercocke record we’ve all been waiting for?

The violent blackened death metal that kicks off opener “Elegy” is an encouraging start, with riffs that Akercocke might have come up with after gorging on a sonic feast of Behemoth and Absu. It’s not long before this aggression gives way to pained clean vocals and trippy guitars of the sort Akercocke experimented so well with on their later records. A long, well-managed build-up finally comes to an unexpectedly triumphant climax, which is the first real divergence from the standard Akercocke template and works very well, though the incongruently corny chord progressions and guitar noodling that end the song are not quite so welcome.

Ester Segarra“Elegy” is representative of the remainder of the record: while the corpse of Akercocke casts a long shadow over proceedings, The Antichrist Imperium mix in several new influences to create a very diverse album. Each track has a slightly different blend of styles alongside the Akercocke base, whether it’s the Hate Eternal-esque death metal of “Desecrated Remains,” the dissonant Arkhon Infaustus style ending to “The Stiffening of Death,” The Berzerker riffing that starts “Silhouette and Flame” or the straightforward Vital Remains/Morbid Angel brutality on “Kill for Satan.” A few of the rare melodic moments bring to mind Dark Tranquility, while some quieter sections, like the closing track’s gorgeous midriff, are faintly Opethian. This diversity, along with the first-class riff writing and excellent variety of clean and harsh vocals make for an engaging listen from start to finish.

Unfortunately, two weaknesses hold this album back from greatness. The less serious flaw concerns Wilcox’s frequent forays into fretboard-fapping. He’s a very accomplished player, but his solos are prone to sounding rather like technical exercises. Some of the accompanying riffs are also uninspired, or even cheesy as on “Elegy” or “The Spiritual Rapist,” and occasionally the solo is dragged out seemingly to fill time rather than because it deserves to be. The more serious complaint is that, while the riffs are top-notch, the song construction is not. The arrangements are often quite haphazard, and several times it felt like song segments ended either too rapidly or not rapidly enough. “The Stiffening of Death” even sounds like two quite unrelated songs stuck together.

These imperfections prevent The Antichrist Imperium from reaching the giddy heights Akercocke managed, but this is still a very entertaining record. The performances are nearly-perfect, the production monstrous, and while the songwriting needs work, the diversity and quality of the riffs will keep you coming back for more. Also, Satan.

Rating: 3.5 /5.0
DR: 6 | Format Reviewed: 320 kbps mp3
Label: Apocalyptic Witchcraft
Websites: Facebook.com/TheAntichristImperium
Release Dates: Out Worldwide 08.07.2015

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Trivium: New Song and New Album, “Silence in the Snow”

The track was written for 2008’s Shogun, according to singer/guitarist Matt Heafy.

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VINNIE PAUL On HELLYEAH And DOWN Headlining Michigan’s DIRT FEST: It’s All ‘Media Hype’

MusikUniverse.mu recently conducted an interview with former PANTERA and current HELLYEAH drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott. You can now watch the chat below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On HELLYEAH‘s musical direction for the next album:

“[2014’s] ‘Blood For Blood’ sets the tone of where we’re gonna go from now on with HELLYEAH. I think that’s the sound we’ve been looking for. [When] we started off, everything we did was very experimental in the very beginning, and we kind of got back to our roots. And now that we’ve really settled in, know what we all bring to the table and where we all fit in, I think it’s only gonna get better from here on out, man. Working with [producer] Kevin Churko really helped pull the very best out of all of us, and we’re really looking forward to the next record, man.”

On whether it was a band decision to explore different musical ground on the latest HELLYEAH album, “Blood For Blood”:

“You know, it just happened. When we were writing the music… We never wanna write ten songs that have the same vibe or the same feel. We really want, with HELLYEAH in particular, our music to have peaks and valleys. It’s like a wild roller coaster ride, man. It’s not much of a ride if it all goes fast, it’s not much of a ride if it all goes slow. But if you fucking go up and down, you really feel the rush of the highs and the depth and the melody of the lower spots, and they complement each other.”

On whether HELLYEAH has a lot of new ideas for the next album:

“We’ve got a lot of great ideas. We don’t ever write on the road, but it doesn’t take us long once we get together. We’ve got about ten more days left on this. And then we take three days off. We have a week-and-a-half headline run that we do in the United States; there’s, like, four festivals in there that we’re doing. And then we go straight to Australia and New Zealand and Japan, which we haven’t been down there in five years. So that’s gonna wrap up the ‘Blood For Blood’ tour. We come back and we’ve got all of September to write and put all of our ideas together. And then starting October 1, we’re right back out in [Las] Vegas with Kevin and going to work.”

On the upcoming 20th-anniversary reissue of PANTERA‘s “The Great Southern Trendkill” album:

“It wouldn’t matter if we had anything to do with it or not, the record company’s gonna do it. It only benefits us to want to be a part of it, to service the fans and make it the very best package possible. Like I said, whether we wanted to do it or not, the record company’s gonna do it, so we all participate, try to make it the very best that we can… I have no idea as of yet [what the bonus tracks are going to be on it], but I guarantee I’ll start getting e-mails before long. What do you got? Can you dig in the vault and see what’s there? You know, that’s the hardest thing about digging into the past of PANTERA, is that we really never did any spare tracks. When we would tour, we would be on tour for two years and then we would go into the studio, and we always believed in quality, not quantity. And we would record the ten or eleven best fucking songs that we could put together, and that’s all we did. And so there’s not a lot of stuff just laying around. [But] there’ll be [recordings of live] shows from that [era], and, like I said, there’ll probably be some cool footage, backstage stuff, that people have never seen. And we’ll do our best to make it very good.”

On next month’s Dirt Fest 2015 in Birch Run, Michigan, which is being billed as the first time former PANTERA bandmates Philip Anselmo and Vinnie Paul Abbott have been billed together as headliners (albeit on different days) — with DOWN and HELLYEAH, respectively — since the band’s split in 2003:

“Media hype. Media hype. We play Friday night, man. I’m all about HELLYEAH; that’s what I do. And we play the very next day in a place called Shiley Acres [in Inwood, West Virginia]. So as soon as we’re done with the [Dirt Fest] show, I’m gone, man.”

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Kraanium: “Chronicles of Perversion” Review by Basti!

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Kraanium - Promo

Maybe the shock factor has slightly worn off of death metal after 20-plus years.

If someone says “Kraanium have released a new album,” I’m fairly certain you can close your eyes, draw the album cover, name the songs, even hum the music, and chances are you wouldn’t be far off at all.

Okay, so it isn’t ground-breakingly original or particularly cerebral (no pun intended), but is Chronicles of Perversion fun? You betcha. Is it brutal? Oh, yes. It’s Kraanium through-and-through. And by that, of course, I mean not too dissimilar from Devourment, Vulvectomy, Amputated, Coathanger Abortion

But enough cynicism for now. If you like your death metal brutal and slammy, then this album has it all: the slams, the chugs, the bass drops, the guttural vocals, the intros sampled fresh from the Discovery Channel’s murderer documentaries and, as always, the rarely subtle gore infused with a delicate pinch of veiled misogyny.

Chronicles of Perversion‘s title track, however, very much holds its own as the raison d’être of the whole album. Exclusively instrumental, this three-minute piece is slow, menacing and atmospheric, and when it breaks into a melodic shred (the only one on the album), you can’t help but do a double-take. Then it’s straight back to our friend the Discovery Channel narrator and good ol’ standard Kraanium.

And yes, Chronicles of Perversity is exactly as heavy, brutal, sick and twisted as you would expect from these Norwegian slammers. Apart from the homonymous track and one particularly badass riff commencing a third of the way through “Revisitate to Mutilate” (revisitate being almost certainly a made-up word) it’s, put simply, a lot more of the same. It’s one of those albums you show normal people when they ask you what you listen to so that they stop talking to you for the rest of the foreseeable future.

At the end of the day, Chronicles of Perversion does exactly what a slamming-guttural-brutal-death-metal album from one of the pillars of the genre says on the tin. You’ll know what to expect and you won’t be surprised, but you’ll get a good 40 minutes of straight-up, certified, tried-and-true, headbanging goodness.

Chronicles of Perversity is out September 18 on Comatose Music. Pre-order it here!

SkullsNBones Rating (Out Of 5):

Kraanium - Cover

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Kylesa Announce ‘Exhausting Fire’ Album + North American Tour, Unleash New Track

Savannah, Ga., heavy rockers Kylesa will release a new album, Exhausting Fire, on Oct. 2.

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